Pour Potential Damage Down the Drain

Drainage issues are often overlooked but can cause serious problems for your property, landscape, and structures. If water is not properly drained, your commercial building or home could face damage, leaving you with a large repair bill and a devalued property. Improper drainage commonly results in problems like mold or rot and will continue to reoccur without a proper drainage system. A few signs that you need a new drainage system include: 

  • Soggy spots in your yard or crawl spaces
  • Persistent pooling water 
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Water from downspouts drain closely to your properly

Not only can we improve the look of your property with our landscaping services, but we can also prevent future damage to your property with our drainage systems. Nelson Landscaping designs and installs custom drainage systems to protect your property from costly damage. Whether you want to protect your property from potential damage or your property currently has drainage issues, we work with your specific property’s needs in mind. 

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French Drainage Systems

French drainage is used when there are soggy areas or standing water against a structure. A French drain is a perforated pipe with gravel around it. The brand of pipe we install is a pipe that already has the rock installed which is more efficient for everyone and is the correct amount of gravel all the way around the pipe.  The proper term for this synthetic rock is geosynthetic poly rock aggregate.

Surface Drainage Systems

Surface (traditional) drainage systems are used when there is either roof run water or water flowing across the surface of your property.  We usually will catch this with drain boxes known as catch basins and use a solid pipe to take it out.  With roof collection, we use solid pipe attached to the downspout and carry it away from the house.  With catch basins and roof collection to accommodate the volume of water usually this will be 2 different lines.

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