Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Nelson Landscaping has been designing and installing landscape lighting for more than 25 years in Edmond and throughout the OKC metro area.

Each lighting project starts with an on-site consultation. Our team comes to your home or business to review and discuss your yard and lighting needs. After your initial consultation, we are able to create a custom design and plan that’s right for your taste and budget. Lighting projects generally can be completed within 3-4 days. 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting has many benefits for you and your home, including: 

  • Enhanced Beauty & Aesthetics
  • Increased Home Security & Value
  • Improved Safety for Yards & Walkways
  • Extends the Time You have to Enjoy & Live in Your Yard

Lighting systems are easy to use and can be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs. You can choose from a variety of lighting colors and bulbs. Systems can be automated and controlled from your phone or mobile device – which means you can have the lights come on while you’re out of town for added security and peace of mind. 

Whether you’re wanting to highlight your custom landscaping design, add extra safety around a pool area, or make your flower beds a true focal point – the right landscape lighting design can transform your space. To find out what’s possible for your yard, contact our team and set up your on-site consultation.

Professional Lighting Installation vs Box Store DIY Solutions

Big box stores and local home stores sell landscape lighting options. But, the quality, lifespan, and output fail in comparison to what you receive from professional installation.

Our professional landscape lighting systems are built to last and withstand the Oklahoma weather extremes. Nelson Landscaping only uses high-quality, commercial-grade lighting systems that will last for years to come. Our lights are high-efficient LED and come with up to a 15-year warranty. You will never have to worry about these lights burning out or having to be replaced once your system has been installed. 

Throughout the last 25 years, we’ve installed more than 3,000 lights for our landscape clients and fewer than 0.5% have had any warranty or product issues. 

Call (405) 202-4120 or message our local landscaping team to schedule your consultation today. 

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