Christmas Lights Installation

Professional Outdoor Christmas Lights

Nelson Landscaping offers professionally installed Christmas light services for residential and commercial properties in Edmond, Nichols Hills, Norman, the greater Oklahoma City metro and surrounding towns in Oklahoma.

Other companies offer Christmas light rental and installation services, but at Nelson Landscaping you become the owner of the lights. Once you choose the lights you want we’ll do the hard work of installing the Christmas lights, taking them down, and storing them for you so that you save your valuable storage space and no longer need to go out on a limb putting them up and taking them down. No matter the size of the job, our professional residential and commercial installation services are consistent with each project given to us. We want to see your home shine bright this year with our professional-quality LED lights. Not only are they five times brighter than regular bulbs, but also save you money in the long run. 

Why Choose Nelson For Your Residential & Commercial Christmas Lighting Needs?

  • We only use professional-quality LED lights to decorate, which gives you a better return on your investment
  • We buy, install, and remove your lights – all based on what you want
  • We offer varying lighting packages that fit inside your holiday budget
  • We provide free Christmas light storage, so they don’t have to take up space in your home
  • The lights are yours to keep and reuse year after year

LED Christmas Light Types & Colors

Pure White • Warm White • Red • Green • Blue
Teal • Pink • Purple • Orange • Multi-Color

Incandescent Christmas Lights vs. LED

Are LED Christmas lights worth the money?

Yes! Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, we guarantee that our LEDs will save you money in the long run. We recommend these lights because they are known for their durability, cost efficiency, and versatility.

What kind of Christmas lights do professionals use?

Our professionals at Nelson use commercial-grade Christmas lights with co-axial connectors which are a commonly used style amongst other professional installers. These types of Christmas lights can withstand harsh conditions and last longer than typical consumer-grade lights. 

How long do LED Christmas lights really last?

There’s no definitive answer to how long outdoor LED Christmas lights will last as weather conditions such as a mild or harsh winter as well as climate as a whole (live in the north vs. the south) are all factors. Here in Oklahoma, we’ve noticed that a string of top-quality, professional-grade Christmas lights can last around 6 or 7 seasons. Fortunately, we help with any maintenance you may need to make sure they last long!

Colored LED Christmas Lights

Nelson has been installing outdoor Christmas lights on residential and commercial properties for more than a decade. Over the years we’ve perfected our services by investing in high-quality equipment and learning what LED bulb colors, sizes, and shapes provide the best display. Our team of professionals strive to save you money by ensuring durable long-lasting and energy-efficient LED products. 

Benefits of the LED bulbs we offer:

  • Cost-effective (won’t send your holiday electric bills sky-high)
  • Durable (if one goes out the rest stay on)
  • Energy efficient 
  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of options to choose from
  • Best of all, we install

Classy Christmas Lights

Trust our professionals at Nelson Landscaping to take the reins and handle all your Christmas light installation needs this holiday season. We provide our services to everyone whether you live in Edmond or the surrounding OKC communities such as Nichols Hills and Gaillardia. By using the latest and highest-quality Christmas landscape lighting products available, we guarantee that your commercial or residential property will be adorned with classy Christmas lights to match your festivities. 

And if you’re looking for a little Christmas light inspiration you may want to check out our Oklahoma Christmas light display guide including an interactive guide.

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