Irrigation Systems

Landscaping doesn't end after the seeds and plants are in place. Your new landscaping must be maintained. That's why Nelson Landscaping will include irrigation options as an additional feature on projects.

Nelson Lawn Service and Landscaping | Edmond, OK - Irrigation Specialists

We are certified irrigation specialists with years of experience. We use the best products on the market.  

  • Nationally Certified Irrigation Manager
  • Best Products on the Market
  • GREEN Sprinkler Systems - Watering Efficiency at its Best! 

Why Nelson Irrigation Systems?

We are committed to providing the best service and the best price. We only use trusted brands in our irrigation systems. We can provide services from sprinkler drip systems to smart systems that will monitor water usage and adjust based upon weather, rainfall conditions and other variables which affect the life of your landscaped products. 

We specialize in providing and servicing Solar Sync products.