Feature Story: Merry & Bright

By Lance Evans, Outlook Magazine Contributing Writer

Remember as a child, every December the whole family would load into the station wagon and drive to the fanciest neighborhoods to look at the beautiful houses. All the houses glistened and glowed with bright lights, looking even more amazing if there was a dusting of snow on the ground.

Now it’s possible to create your own Winter Wonderland with the help of Nelson Landscaping. Whether you want to go modern with an all-white display, or add more fun by having every tree in the yard a different color, Andy Nelson, owner of Nelson Landscaping, can design a look that is perfect for your family.

Let’s start off by examining why we decorate our houses for Christmas. Decorating with lights became popular in early modern Germany. Candles were utilized to add a special touch to the Christmas tree. This trend evolved to illuminating lights on Christmas trees in the early 20th century.  By 1960, it was a common practice for middle class families to outline their homes with Christmas lights.

According to Andy, there is truly an art to properly displaying your Christmas lights. His company uses an entire team of workers to help your dream of a Winter Wonderland come true. “We are about a 50 person operation,” Andy said. “We have 12 people on our management team. We mostly focus on landscaping and outdoor living. We also specialize in Christmas lights during the holiday season.”

Andy unknowingly started his company at the age 12. He pushed his mower at an early age and ended up with three clients his first year. Today his runs one of the most successful landscaping companies in the OKC Metro area. Around 10 years ago, he identified a new niche and has been bringing custom lighting to his clients ever since.

The Nelson Landscaping team works hard to do the best job on your home. They work with each homeowner on the design and concept, creating a unique set up each time. This custom quality is evident at all levels of their business, including installation.  

Andy said the key to making your home shine bright this year is all in finding the right bulb. “We only install commercial grade LED lights,” Andy said. “We don’t recommend the big bulk stores. The wiring in those lights is cheap in quality. We custom make our lights for the house. We cut them to length. They have five diodes in them. It’s basically the equivalent of a traditional bulb, but they are five times brighter and they last longer.”

Andy and his team work for a wide variety of clients. They’ve completed high-level-multimillion-dollar projects and small residential homes. “We are set up to cater to clients big and small,” Andy said. No matter the size of the job, the team puts the same amount of effort and attention into every project. Don’t worry about lights being sloppily slung up on your house, but revel in the bright landscape created by your holiday home.

Before reaching for your secret credit card when the late promo comes on, Andy said to keep in mind that the quality of the light is what will help your house stand out this year.

Light up your Christmas at nelsonlandscapingok.com.  

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