What is Hardscaping?

One of the best parts of living in Oklahoma is enjoying the beautiful weather. While some jokingly say “If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait five minutes,” the truth is our climate is ideal for outdoor living most of the year. From fall barbecues to summer swimming, we know how to enjoy this beautiful state. 

Nearly every homeowner understands the value of good landscaping, but an important complement to beautiful trees and flowers is hardscaping. If you are not exactly sure what hardscaping refers to, you are not alone. The term designates a variety of features related to outdoor living

Definition of Hardscaping

Where landscaping generally refers to plants and living features, hardscaping is comprised of nonliving components. Pergolaoutdoor kitchenspatios, and even boulder art are considered hardscape elements. Hardscape features work together with the living landscape of your home to create a cohesive place to enjoy. 

You can also think of it in relation to the materials being used. Granite, wood, wrought iron, and concrete would all be components of a hardscape. Trees, flowers, and shrubs are softer materials, and therefore, components of your home’s softscape. These two categories combine to create the overall landscape of your yard. 

Different hardscaping companies offer varying levels of experience, so it’s important to choose someone who understands Oklahoma weather in order to help your family stay comfortable through all seasons. Established in 1995, Nelson Landscaping has the experience and expertise necessary to utilize high-quality materials for all hardscaping services that will maintain their beauty through both 6 degree winters and 106 degree summers.

Current Hardscaping Trends

The most traditional hardscape in Oklahoma is an outdoor patio or deckWalkways and garden paths are a fantastic way to extend your patio hardscaping out into the rest of your property. Natural elements such as large boulders are increasingly more popular today, allowing for artistic beauty and, if desired, privacy. 

Inground pools and hot tubs are considered types of hardscapes, as well. Even if a pool isn’t the right choice for you and your family, a custom water feature can give your backyard a sense of vibrancy. For those with bigger yards and sprawling properties, a custom pergola creates the feel of a relaxing oasis without ever leaving your home. 

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces extend the number of weeks your family can enjoy the outdoors each year. If mealtime is especially important in your home, a fully-covered outdoor kitchen serves as a comfortable entertaining space rain or shine. 

If you’re interested in adding some hardscaping or updating what you already have, we would love to connect with you. Call (405) 202-4120 or message our team to schedule your consultation today. 

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