Plant Care


Plants are living & require special care. The following general instructions will help you maintain your investment!

Monitor Moisture:

  • Check small plants (annuals & perennials) by feeling 2-3’’ deep around roots.
  • Check large plants (shrubs & trees) by feeling 6-8’’ deep around roots.
  • First few weeks… Check soil moisture daily.
  • First few months… Check soil moisture a couple times per week.
  • First few years… Frequent monitoring of plants is essential for at least the first few years.
  • Microclimates… There are microclimates in most landscapes (such as areas close to brick walls where heat reflects or under roof eaves that miss rainfall) where additional monitoring may be needed.

Water Correctly:

  • Do not water when the soil feels moist. Allowing soil to dry out in between each watering is vital. When plants sit in constantly moist soil, they are prone to suffering from “wet feet” & my die of oxygen deprivation. 
  • For those without a professionally designed irrigation system, we recommend placing a water hose at the base of the plant at a trickle for 5-10 minutes for small plants & longer for larger plants to saturate the roots.


  • Maintain a 2-2.5” layer of mulch as an insulator to conserve moisture & prevent weed growth. 
  • Too much mulch is counter-productive & should be avoided.  
  • Mulch should not touch the trunk of plants.


  • Fertilizer is typically not needed during the first year as most plants are planted with fertilizer.
  • After the first year, we recommend using a balanced plant food with micro-nutrients, such as Osmocote, paying close attention to follow instructions on the product label. 


  • Our plant material is closely monitored prior to installation so that what we install is pest & disease free.
  • We recommend regularly walking your landscape to be on the lookout for any plants that may begin suffering from insect infestations or disease so that you can get help with them before serious problems develop.
  • For assistance with pests, we recommend our sister company, Weed Free Lawns. (


  • Pruning: Pruning should be done minimally. A professional landscape design will include plants that were selected according to their growth habit to fit into the design without much pruning other than dead limbs.
  • Seasonal Flowers: Most landscapes are designed with color pockets of seasonal color. Each May & October we offer seasonal flowers along with bed cleanup & mulch refreshing. Look for marketing emails to sign up.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the care of your plants!

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