Dry Creek Riverbed Landscaping

When we were originally contracted for this dry creek bed landscaping project, the homeowners needed help with some drainage issues around their home. They also wanted new landscaping in the front and backyard. After the initial consultation, we decided to make the drainage issue a focal point of the landscaping design with a dry creek riverbed.

The dry creek riverbed became a unique and beautiful feature. It was dressed up with a variety of plant material, large boulders, and trees which added to the home’s aesthetics. The custom landscaping in the front yard complemented the dry creek riverbed. Also, a lawn sprinkler system was installed to ensure the vitality of the landscaping. 

Phase 2 of the project focused on the backyard and included the installation of a boulder retaining wall, color-changing outdoor lighting, and even a putting green! We absolutely loved being able to turn a problem into a beautiful, functional asset of the home’s landscaping. We are looking forward to working on more phases of this particular project in the future! 

Backyard Garden Landscaping

This beautiful backyard space was begging to be filled with bursts of perennial color that would last from Spring, through Summer and even into Fall. Dimensions of the space were defined by crushed granite patio areas and rolling walkways with stone edging for structure and flow. While configuring the new spaces, we were able to address drainage and erosion issues, offering solutions that would keep this backyard vibrant and fresh.  The backyard garden landscaping pictures below include examples of garden landscaping and hardscaping techniques for inspiration.

The OKC Castle House

This client wanted something unique – as you can tell from the photographs. They wanted their Oklahoma castle house to look like it was out in a field, as it would have in the old days. This is why we chose to use native grasses as an anchor for our landscape but also wanted to incorporate Taylor Junipers (tall slender Juniper trees) to give an evergreen look. This helps resemble what you would see for the landscape in Europe in olden times.

This castle house has fun details like a draw bridge, dry creek riverbed to resemble a moat, fully-automated sprinkler system, boulder retaining walls, mortared stone edging, landscape lighting both on the house and built into the driveway which lights up at night, faux paver/chariot broken-down road to be made to look abandoned, and a custom boulder staircase.

With over 1500 man hours spent building this project, lots of love and attention to detail went into to making this client’s dreams come true!