Modern Luxury

Newly constructed homes provide a blank canvas for landscape design to complete the overall look and add aspects of custom charm to the property.

Our modern design used flowers to infuse color into the home’s exterior. The trees gave the yard an image of antiquity and individuality with their lush greenery and great height. Aesthetically, the boulders are an attractive choice, giving the landscape an extra layer of natural depth.

Modern Allure

A beautiful, new build home with charming aesthetics needed a custom landscape design to bring out unique features the space offers and convey an air of age through the use of landscaping materials.

The flowers added a burst of seasonal color, and their contrast with the house’s neutral facade was striking. The stone-edged flower beds in the front yard added extra charm, with an artistic air evoked by the stacked pebbles against the base of the front walkway steps.

The backyard features a custom-built in-ground trampoline and a basketball court paved with concrete for some serious fun. The new landscaping creates a lovely ambiance from the front flower beds, along the side of the home, and into the backyard. The irrigation installed will make for a thriving yard and landscape!

A charming home was given an ambiance that compliments the features of the property, with an added sense of fun through the backyard amenities that everyone can enjoy!

Rehabbed Oasis

An existing pool lacking usage due to its outdated qualities was rehabbed to look brand new! The backyard offers plenty of space for hanging out and entertaining, but the pool wasn’t up to the standards of the homeowners. With new coping and plaster, the pool looks brand new, matching the existing beauty the home offers!

This area’s repurposed pool gives the space a new purpose that beautifully compliments the spacious, entertainment-ready backyard. A destination feel with the comfort and privacy of their backyard!

Do you have an existing pool that needs updating? We can rehab your pool with new plaster, tile, coping, or decking to transform your pool into a space you will be excited to use again! Contact us today to get started!

Historic Illumination

This beautiful historic home with unique features needed landscape lighting to extend the time they could enjoy their home. With plenty of entertaining space in their backyard, highlighting the pool and making the space usable after dark was a focus of this landscape lighting design.

We used a wide variety of landscape lighting methods to bring out the best in the numerous distinctive features of our client’s residence. We installed uplighting to show off the house’s classic appeal and attractively illuminate the yard’s towering trees. To continue to shed light on the area from a new angle, we also down-lit the trees. To improve the beauty and maximize the usage of the areas, path lights were installed in a number of locations around the house, including walkways and surrounding the pool.

The landscape lighting design + installation gave these homeowners a beautifully illuminated space that was carefully designed to maximize the usage of the entertainment features while highlighting the historic charm of their home.