Custom Elegance

Landscape design is the finishing touch that gives this brand-new house its identity. Elements were added in the plan that would enhance the home’s already stunning aesthetic. The landscape design provided a breathtaking appearance to make this home distinctive while maintaining its beauty throughout the Oklahoma seasons.

Our custom design offered front yard landscaping and hardscaping for this newly constructed home. The slope of the front yard offered a unique opportunity for a boulder retaining wall with dry creek riverbed drainage.

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Dream Backyard Getaway

We always enjoy working with home builders and homeowners to add the finishing touches to the exterior of their new construction homes. For this project, we worked with Adams Kirby Homes to create a beautiful front and backyard landscape along with an expansive modern outdoor living area featuring turf inlayed concrete and a custom in-ground swimming pool. The sheer descent water features and fire bowls add to the high-end look and help to create a true Oasis for family and friends.

Along with the professional landscaping, drainage, irrigation, and sod, our design and install included 95 flats of seasonal flowers in the front yard to create a stunning amount of color that truly pops for a eye-catching curb appeal.

Are you ready to increase your curb appeal or retreat into the luxury of your own backyard? Nelson Landscaping can fully transform your space with professional landscaping, lighting, extended outdoor living, a covered patio, or even a beautiful custom in-ground pool. Each project begins with a free on-site consultation as our experts create a plan tailored to your home, tastes, and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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A Backyard Dream

A backyard oasis that provides an area to sit and hang out with friends was the goal of this project. The homeowner’s yard was missing that mark so they contacted us for a complete renovation.

We cleared the space and installed a beautiful dry creek riverbed that now runs through their backyard as a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to handle the major drainage issues of this property. Fescue sod was added for beauty and as a solution for the heavily shaded areas that struggled to grow grass. A retaining wall was added by the deck to terrace the yard, providing more usable space.

To accommodate the homeowner’s desire to host gatherings of friends, we added a large stamped and colored concrete patio connected to the deck by a wood bridge that passes over the dry creek riverbed.

Their outdoor space now has a natural stone gas fire pit, pondless water feature, swing, sitting wall, fescue sod, and an updated irrigation system. Landscape lighting was added to highlight the new features and plantings throughout the evening.

We had an amazing space to work with and loved helping our clients get the backyard oasis they dreamed of!

Eyesore to Oasis

This was a fun project for the Director of Keep Oklahoma Beautiful where we took an eyesore old sheep shed and replaced it with a beautiful custom inground pool and outdoor living area. The project also included an update to the existing large metal building and the addition of a gravel parking area and drainage to prevent rainwater runoff down the slope of the yard into the house.

The pool equipment, lighting, and bubblers can all be controlled through a simple-to-use smartphone app. The pergola includes electricity for outdoor ceiling fans and string lights. For safety, we added natural cedar and metal fencing around the pool with a locking gate.

Other than demoing the old sheep shed, a unique challenge of this project was removing a massive 100-year-old tree stump from the area that would soon be the swimming pool!

The homeowner now loves hosting her family, friends, and the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful board in her new Oasis as often as possible.

Natural Slope Design

This client wanted a more natural-looking environment in their backyard. We utilized an existing change in the slope of the backyard to create the pondless water fall out of natural moss boulders. We used plant material and landscape lighting around the water feature and along the back fence line for a natural look.

Pondless water features have an advantage over water features with a pond because they require less maintenance. You don’t have to worry about plant or fish care like you do with a pond, but the biggest advantage is if you have little kids or grandkids, there is no pond for them to fall in and hurt themselves.

To extend their outdoor living area we replaced and extended the existing concrete patio with a new stamped and stained concrete patio. We also added a natural stone gas-burning firepit to sit around while enjoying the sounds of the water feature. Both the water feature and the firepit can be seen from inside the house from the back windows, along with viewing from a nearby hot tub. 

Common Ground

The homeowners for this project wanted to build an outdoor common ground space with a custom swimming pool, hot tub, and outdoor living area to entertain college students from their university and church.

To accommodate the slope of the property and blend into the natural surroundings, we connected the pool area to the lower, wooded outdoor fire pit space with dramatic, functional boulder steps, a flagstone pathway, and fescue sod. We added beauty and interest to the back side of the pool with a beautiful, rustic, multi-level landscaping feature that hides the support wall on the back side of the pool. Each level includes boulder edging to further blend into the natural surroundings. The surrounding area of the pool consists of a brushed concrete pool deck along with colored and stamped concrete coping.

Since the pool is at a higher level than the rest of the backyard, the views during the evening are wonderful. We included LED lighting features throughout the pool and hot tub, giving more visibility and an enjoyable swimming experience throughout the evening! The combination of the spacious backyard and custom-built, heated pool creates the ideal common ground spot for students and ministry leaders to relax year-round.

Low-Maintenance Oasis

Having had a pool that required a lot of maintenance at their previous home, this couple had one thing on their mind when they contacted us for their new custom pool… Low-Maintenance!

To accommodate their request, we designed a low-maintenance pool that would essentially clean itself. We installed bubblers to keep the water moving and help with debris collection throughout the day, an in-floor cleaning system on the bottom of the pool, and a low-maintenance salt chlorinator pump system. The pebble plaster finish consists of a higher-quality material than regular plaster and provides a durable, non-slip and stain-resistant surface. The pool deck and coping consist of a durable stamped and colored concrete finish. The natural stone raised wall with landscaping adds dimension to this pool design and the three sheer descent waterfall features help to keep the water flowing. Our team went one step further in making this project as low-maintenance as possible by installing lighting features that the couple can control through an app on their cell phones.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to work with amazing clients like these two and we enjoyed making their low-maintenance backyard oasis dreams come true!

Contemporary Modern Luxury

The homeowners had a unique personal style and reached out with an ambitious project: a vision of contemporary landscaping & hardscaping to match their new modern luxury home. We were excited to help our client bring their vision for a contemporary, luxurious home into a reality.

The exterior design was an important consideration since we wanted it to match the interior’s level of creativity. We imported Salida rock, granite, and boulders from Colorado to give the completed product a distinctive appearance. We utilized the Mortared stone edging, Salida rock, and Salida boulders in their flower beds to bring a unique and contemporary flair to their home.

What an experience! It was a pleasure to work with them, and we’re so glad we could bring their vision into reality.

Backyard Retreat

With the goal of feeling at home in their backyard, these wonderful clients wanted an outdoor living space they could enjoy all year round. To fulfill this dream, we took the time to get to know what home meant for them and immediately got to work.

We started with a custom landscape design and installation that was welcoming, but also functional. Our work included major sprinkler modifications along with improved drainage because standing water was an issue. With those problems tackled, we then moved on to the fun stuff! 

To truly transform this backyard into an extension of their home, we installed an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, a patio, and a pavilion. Also, stonework and landscape lighting were added to perfectly highlight their new backyard.

One thing that stood out about this project was how kind and welcoming they were throughout the entire process.  In building their new backyard, it was like we were creating a space that emulated their same inviting spirit. It was such a delight to work with them, and we always look forward to the annual updates they included in their landscaping plan.

Lofton Landscaping Project

After retiring from the NFL, Curtis Lofton and his family returned to Oklahoma to live. When it came time to hire a trusted landscaping company, Curtis turned to family, friends, and the internet for recommendations and reviews. We were referred to him by several people, so he enlisted our help to put the finishing touches on his dream home. 

Curtis and his wife had particular things they wanted for their landscape design but were unsure how to describe them in detail. After our initial meeting, we knew it was essential to put together a landscape design to use as a game plan to ensure all their needs and wants were met.

The project included landscaping around the pool and outdoor living space. Also, landscaping was designed and installed in the front yard and around the outside of the home. Curtis tells us the best part is the landscape lighting because it really sets all of the outdoor amenities off at night and sets the mood. The backyard is truly a paradise!

The biggest compliment from this project was earning the trust of the Lofton family. While trust is earned by putting in the work, the entire team here at Nelson Landscaping earned their trust through work ethic, professionalism, and timing of completing the project. 

We love going above and beyond for our clients so they can see their dreams come true and helping make their backyard or front yard into their own paradise!

The Falls Neighborhood Community

The Falls is a neighborhood community developed by McCaleb Homes located on the corner of NE 150th Street and N Post Road in Edmond. The location of The Falls was chosen for its rolling terrain and wooded forest on the east side of Arcadia Lake. This project was part of the 2018 Street of Dreams where multiple million-dollar homes within the community were showcased.

With any neighborhood entrance, first impressions are everything! Keeping this in mind, Nelson Landscaping wanted to enhance all of The Falls’ features in an inviting and unique way. A custom-built triple-tiered waterfall greets you at the main entrance. The community’s second entrance includes a custom water feature made of metal that pours a sheet of rain in front of the sign. The centerpiece of the community is a 5-acre lake that features a custom, lighted fountain. The roundabouts and common areas include landscaping, lighting, and smart sprinkler systems which can be monitored from your cell phone. The main objective with the landscape lighting and smart sprinkler system was to create a safe and beautiful environment for all homeowners.

Nelson Landscaping has also done many home landscapes within The Falls, including four 2018 Street of Dreams homes. We love having the opportunity to continue our work on more projects within this amazing community.

Relaxing Backyard Pool Project

This relaxing backyard project centered around a new custom-built inground pool and hot tub. Nelson Landscaping started this pool project by building a flagstone patio and adjoining walkways. The walkways are enhanced by mortared-stone edging and decorative boulders. The pool and hot tub include three cascading waterfalls adding to the peaceful serenity. The hot tub’s paver siding makes it beautiful and unique.

A lush backdrop of custom landscaping adds to the beauty and privacy of the property, which was important for this client. They wanted to create an exclusive backyard experience the whole family could enjoy. Nelle Stevens Hollies, Blue Atlas Cedars, Taylor Junipers and Globosas make up the landscaping which surrounds the inground pool adding abundant depth and texture.

A smart sprinkler irrigation system was installed in both the front yard and backyard. Nelson Landscaping also installed drainage systems to correct drainage problems the client had previously experienced.

The Littlejohn House

Our challenge with the Littlejohn landscaping project was to give this landscape a complete makeover that would be low maintenance and provide lots of color.

To accomplish this, we carefully selected plants that need minimal trimming and perennials that flower at different times of the year. We incorporated boulders (which never die) and several pockets of flower throughout the design so that our team can change out the colors every spring and fall.

Adding to the plantings, we installed high-quality landscape lighting so the homeowners could enjoy their investment 24/7.

The backyard features a dry creek river bed to help with drainage. It’s a beautiful and functional addition to the Oklahoma style landscape. Hostas, Liriope, and Hydrangea complete the look.

Town Square Neighborhood Community

The Edmond, OK Town Square Neighborhood is a historically inspired community developed by McCaleb Homes. This community is located on Danforth between Sooner and Coltrane in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Landscaping was used to enhance the communities’ winding roads, beautiful lake, walking trails, and wooded homesites while adding a sense of security with landscaping lighting. This project included landscaping at all of the community’s entrances, at the community clubhouse, around the lake, and throughout all the common areas. The Nelson Landscaping team installed the front fountain and color-changing lighting to the lake.

More than 100 homes have been built since 2014 in Town Square. Since the start of the development, we have had the privilege of working on landscaping projects for over 95% of the houses within the Town Square community. While it was important to make landscaping unified throughout the community, we also wanted to make each home’s landscaping unique to the individual homeowners. In addition to the landscaping design and installation, we have also done all of the community’s retaining walls, yard grading, hardscaping and irrigation.

We are currently working on the 5th Phase of this popular Edmond, OK neighborhood community.

Peaceful Patio Landscaping

This backyard is used as an entertainment destination for clients, friends, and family so the space needed to be enjoyable yet functional. Nelson Landscaping dressed up the perimeter of the backyard with landscaping, stone edging, and boulder hardscaping. The mix included large tree planting, shrubs, and flowers to give the backyard character and adds depth.

A special part of this backyard is a flagstone stepping stone pathway leading to a paver pad with Grandma’s heirloom table and chairs. This project also included landscape lighting so the clients can enjoy their quant paradise day and night.

It’s a delight adding sentimental pieces to new landscaping designs.

Backyard Oasis

“I never want to see grass again.”

That’s what started us on the path to building a complete backyard oasis for this Edmond, OK homeowner.

She had a unique challenge. One that no other contractor had accepted. But when we met with her, we just saw the opportunity and the desire she had to really transform her backyard into an outdoor escape. We knew we were the right team to help her landscaping and hardscaping needs. She wanted a large patio, to eliminate as much grass as possible, and wasn’t interested in having a pool.

We designed a large boulder retaining wall, firepit, water feature, pergola, stamped concrete pathways, landscaping, landscape lighting, and all new irrigation.

This backyard outdoor oasis landscaping project was completed in 2012, and it continues to be one of our favorite projects to date. What a tranformation. It was a great project for a great client.

Street of Dreams: Allenton Custom Homes

This Allenton Custom Homes house in Edmond, OK showcases a modern home design. It was one of the featured homes in the 2016 Street of Dreams. To remain consistent with the design of the house itself, modern landscape design by Nelson Landscaping was implemented throughout.

Our team designed unique landscaping for the custom driveway. The lanes of the 4-car driveway were separated with Taylor Junipers and Red Yuccas in 3×3 squares to keep with the modern aesthetics and add an exclusive flair to the front of the home.

Modern plants were used throughout the home’s entire landscape and around the pool. The backyard features large boulder retaining walls. We also installed a firepit with built-in custom benches to create the perfect outdoor living space no matter the time of year.

Street of Dreams: Avalon Signature Homes

Luxury awaits as you enter the Avalon Signature Homes Street of Dreams featured home. Nelson Landscaping was proud to take care of all the landscaping needs for the 2016 Street of Dreams.

For the front of this home, we laid fresh sod and added seasonal flowers and massive trees. High-quality irrigation and drainage systems were installed to ensure this home’s landscaping stays looking beautiful and healthy.

We focused on outdoor living when designing the backyard landscape and features. A pergola was attached to the home and outdoor lighting was added, so the fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! With a slightly uphill backyard, we wanted to install a proper drainage system and create dimension. This led us to create a dry creek bed with boulder work, seasonal flowers, trees, and stone edging. To keep the backyard functional and usable, a custom cedar bridge over the dry creek bed leads to a second pergola and flagstone patio.

Walk the Dogs: Residential Landscape Lighting

This couple called asking for residential landscape lighting and design services. They were hesitant about the expense and what would be necessary to budget for such a large property. They were also hesitant about how robust the lights would be.

After our first consultation, we returned to them with an actual architectural rendering of exactly where the lights would go. We also showed them our copper ACE connectors that would be used to ensure them there would be NO splices or possibility for loose connections. Having an engineering background, this homeowner loved hearing this fact!

So, we came to an agreement to install our 15-year free replacement LED landscape lights on his property which consisted of uplights highlighting his trees, downlights cascading light through the branches and leaving a “moonlight” appearance, path lights highlighting all walking paths, and step lights that were built into the steps. This client has over 100 lights on his property, but it still has a soft subtle look of lit beauty!

They were not kidding when they told us straight in the face… “We argue now about who gets to walk the dogs because we love how the lighting looks so much, it just gives us another reason to go out and enjoy what Nelson Landscaping has done to our property!”