Jones, OK

Street of Dreams: Matteson Homes

We were fortunate to have landscaped 4 homes that were part of the Street of Dreams project in 2018. Matteson Homes built this beautiful modern/contemporary home, and he requested we do the same for the landscape portion.

We decided to incorporate modern-looking pots and plants into the actual flower beds and highlight them with landscape lighting. We also used a lot of decorative rock in the beds instead of mulch to harden up the feel of the landscape, giving it that ultra-clean contemporary home landscaping look. We installed the most efficient sprinkler system on the market, utilizing a “smart controller” sprinkler controller that syncs with to make changes daily and even hourly. This lets the system know how much to water on any given day. With the crazy weather in Oklahoma, you may have 70º temps on a Wednesday and 10º temps by the weekend. This smart controller will automatically adjust watering times or even shut the system down if it gets too cold. It’s so smart that it will even add additional watering time if it is windy outside (which causes the water from the irrigation system to evaporate faster). It was a fun project for one of the best contemporary and modern home builders in the Oklahoma City metro!

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