Arcadia, OK

Beauty With a View

A traditional-style home with simple lines and a picturesque surrounding offered a clean slate and the chance to add additional color to the property. The long length of the walkway leading up to the property’s front door was the perfect opportunity to create a grand entrance with landscaping.

The landscape design included an abundance of flowers, which added color and personality to the space. The use of rocks in the landscaping offered a unique flair and a practical drainage purpose. The boulder rocks placed into the beds gave the scene depth while also giving texture and aesthetic intrigue. Landscape lighting was added to allow for the continued enjoyment of the landscape after dusk. The homeowners preferred a lush green yard, and their vast lot required a large amount of sod to achieve it. Irrigation was installed to keep the sod in good condition!

A gorgeous property with a view now has a landscape that adds charm to the area immediately surrounding the house, as well as a vast, lush lawn that the homeowners can take pleasure in for many years to come!

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