Edmond, OK

Barren to Beautiful

A quaint, new construction home offered a blank slate to give the property character and charm through the landscape design and installation. Every nook of the yard has a distinctive focal point thanks to the creative landscape design, giving the homeowners the ideal view from the comfort of their front porch.

The front yard’s stone-edged flower beds are an eye-catching design element that served as a distinctive barrier. The flowers infuse the area with natural beauty and color, while the trees give it an aged appearance and provide height.

Due to the yard’s slope, this area was perfect for installing a retaining wall, which serves the dual purpose of looking polished and preventing erosion. The boulders give the yard a more anchored, artistic touch and serve as a durable point of focus for the landscape. The fresh, lush lawn finishes off the home’s new look!

A blank slate turned beautiful, the transformed space compliments this home’s charm and gives the yard creative and distinctive features that will provide a beauty that lasts!

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