Choctaw, OK

Aura of Luxury

An appealing space with the ideal amenities to have an in-house backyard paradise was designed to emanate luxury! With unique features throughout the backyard, the space has resort-like qualities and a pool designed to be at the center of relaxation.

The focal point of the design is a pool with various amenities, including a waterfall, a hot tub, and a sun shelf with built-in water recliners. The spa-like pool is set in a tranquil setting, and the attractive pergola is a great spot to lounge in the shade during the day and beneath the twinkling lights at night.

The landscaping provides a beautiful surrounding of lush greenery. The fire pit finishes off the backyard resort with a cozy gathering place that adds warmth and comfort to the area.

The backyard radiates such an aura of luxury that the homeowners won’t want to leave their serene retreat!

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