Fall Flowers

Refresh your beds with vibrant color throughout the fall & winter months!


Pro Tip

  • Don’t hesitate to switch out your spring/summer seasonal flowers even though they still look great!
  • Planting seasonal flowers in October ensures they have enough time to get established (rooted in) so they can thrive throughout each harsh winter freeze.
  • In doing so, they’ll provide you with beautiful color all the way through May!

Delta Cool Water Mix Pansies

  • A beautiful mix of dark purple, light purple, light blue, and white.


  • $48 Per Flat (Installed)
    • 1 flat of 18 individual flowers equals 6 pods: Planting pansies in groups of 3 is our “trade secret” that results in a more professional, statement-making impact.
    • Includes: Removing existing seasonal flowers, bed prep/cleanup/weeding, soil amendments, fertilizer, planting flowers, & fluffing existing mulch in the specific area where we are planting flowers.
  • Minimum Quantities
    • Custom Order: 16 flats
    • Custom Order = Specific request of anything other than Delta Cool Water Mix Pansies.
  • Premium Mulch
    • $16/bag installed
  • Deer Repellant (For those in rural areas)
    • $4/each
    • Each waterproof stake covers about 6 flats of flowers and deters deer with a repelling scent for the entire season.
  • Sprinkler Inspection
    • $85 add on
  • Installation Dates
    • October 2 – October 27
    • Flowers will last until May!


  • All flower scheduling is done through our online form.
    • Scheduling ends September 22!
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