Fall/Winter Flower Installations

Refresh your beds with vibrant color throughout the fall & winter months!


Delta Cool Water Mix Pansies

  • A beautiful mix of dark purple, light purple, light blue, and white.
  • Planting in October allows each flower to get established (rooted in) before winter and ensures their survival during each harsh winter freeze, allowing them to return the following March to bloom beautifully for you through May!
  • Scheduling is open today through Sept 23.
  • Installations will be completed by one of our professional crews between Oct 3 – Oct 28.

• Invoice for pre-payment will be sent upon completion of the form.
• Pre-payment is required to get on the installation schedule.
• Installations are scheduled based on location in order to create efficient routes for our flower crews. Therefore, we cannot provide an exact installation date, but we will certainly do our best to accommodate any special requests.

Delta Cool Water Mix Pansies


  • $48 Per Flat
    • Includes: Removing existing seasonal flowers, bed prep/cleanup/weeding in the specific area we are planting flowers, soil amendments, fertilizer, planting flowers, & fluffing existing mulch in the specific area we are planting flowers.
  • Minimum Order: Minimum Order: Delta Cool Water Mix Pansies
    • 6 flats
  • Minimum Order: Custom Order
    • 16 flats
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